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Scholarstime provides you with all Scholarship updates around the world and other related subjects to study abroad. We love to succeed in the interest of Educational goals aspirants.
Some find it difficult to study abroad and here in Nigeria due to lack of financial aid. But the federal government and other scholarship bodies, such as: OPEC, TAN, SON, BEA, Chevron, Mobil, NNPC, etc. In their power, they had devoted their wealth to ensure that their is a very minimal level of illiteracy in the country. They therefore introduced grant-in-aid to the students.

A student might be granted full or partial scholarship. The scholarship body will sponsor all your expenses during the Programe of study if you're placed under full scholarship, but you will have to pay some certain fees if it is partial scholarship. The requirement for these is based your academic grades.

Conclusively, useful information and pieces of advice will be provided from time to time to students and prospective students on how to excel in their studies, how to make the best out of their education, get awards and grants for research and internship. This information will be sourced from successful people and education professionals.

So, if you are seeking admission into a tertiary institution in or out of Nigeria, scholarship to study in or out of Nigeria or you are already a student in a school but looking for scholarship to support your education, then subscribe to updates on scholarstime.com today by liking our Facebook Page, Follow Us on Twitter and subscribe to updates by email.

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