Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Why You May Regret Choosing University of Ilorin as Your priority. Exclusive!

Unilorin School Gate
Some students are so keen about making University of Ilorin a must go school nowadays. Do you think because they started admitting high number of students couple of years back means they want all students to have their certificates and succeed?

NO! Honestly, you won't find it funny when 12,000 students were admitted into 100L and 8,000 only cross to 200L. Where are the remaining 4,000 students?

Are you asking? Do not worry! You will know if you read this article till the end.
University of Ilorin is really worse compare to University of Ibadan or Obafemi Awolowo University in this particular case, because these 2 Universities will specify the amount of student they want and there is nothing like unnecessary rustication in 100L.

See why you may regret choosing Unilorin and some facts you need to know as newly admitted student.  I wish you have known this before you applied to Unilorin.

1.  Not all the students that were admitted would be graduated: This give rise to no 16 fact

2.  It really takes a hard time and rigorous work to be a bonafied alumnus of the Alma-Mata

3.  Illicit dressing is strictly prohibited in the university

4. Unilorin bags the most ethically responsible university in the year 2013 and 2014. That's back to back; No university is yet to make that.

5.  Diligence and worksomeness is what you need to cross to 200L

6.  Unilorin does not want to know if you are abacha's daughter or dangote's son. What they need is to comply with ethics and rules

7.  Unilorin values dignity and respect, please do respect others and dignify yourself.

8.  Shun harmful and hard drugs like Codeine, Caffeine, Marijuana, Heroin. Etc

9.  Avoid cultism and unrecognized or unregistered society.

10. Any form of brigandage is strictly prohibited both in campus and outside the school

11. Protest is nothing but foul. Please do not try it.

12.Violence such as fighting, harassing is not allowed. Please do not attempt to slap, knock or kick anyone in the university, otherwise, you and the victim may be expelled.

13. Fraudulent acts like pick-pocketing, 419 are highly outlawed.

14. Exam malpractice is strictly prohibited.

15. Any form of agricultural practice, such as fishing, hunting and farming is not allowed

16. Unilorin likes unnecessary rustication of students in 100L: This may be due to one of the following reasons above or you didn't attain the normal cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of your faculty.

For example, all agricultural students need at least 1.5 to cross-over to 200L, but you attained 1.49, my dear, I’m sorry, you are not eligible, unless you know how to run the gauntlet and survive.

Do not entertain fear, all you need to do is work-hard and be prayerful. Remember University of Ilorin is one of the best Universities. You are lucky for reading this because thousands of students have just been sent home recently for not complying with these facts, especially the no 16 fact.

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